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Solar Pyramid

Solar Pyramid

The Solar Pyramid Project has now closed down.

The Solar Pyramid is a colossal new landmark. A giant sundial and the UK's largest sculpture. To be built near the M1 in Derbyshire.

This amazing and stunning tourist / visitor attraction will stand 58 metres (over 190ft) in height, making it the worlds biggest functioning timepiece. Astronomically unique, visitors will be able to walk 'the Equation of Time'.

The Solar Pyramid will work like a giant sundial, and indeed a very sophisticated one at that. A unique instrument in the science of astronomy. Visitors from all over the World will be invited to walk around it, explore the huge 'Equation Of Time' - which will be laid out across a giant piazza.

The solar pyramid is a dynamic and interactive project. Not only will the Solar Pyramid be the World’s Largest Timepiece and the UK’s Largest Artwork, but it will be a centre of excellence for exploring the relationship of earth and sun, and developing ideas for utilising solar energy and movement.

In terms of it's design, it is made up of three monumental towers that lean dramatically towards each other to it's highest peak, 58 metres above ground level, without actually meeting. These are called gnomons. This creates an illusion of pyramidal structure. The steel superstructure of each blade like tower will be clad in highly reflective, mirror polished and coloured, stainless steel to reflect light and capture the movement of the skies and the changing landscape.

The tallest of the towers leans at a locational latitude angle of 53.25 degrees, and is orientated due south. This acts like a scientifically sophisticated and immense sundial. The sheer size of it will cast shadows across the 60 metre long elliptical base (giant piazza) which is marked out to show complex and accurate astronomical and chronological information - The Equation Of Time. The two secondary towers will be in precise alignment with the extremes of sunrise and sunset occurring at the Summer Solstice. Sunk 25 metres beneath the centre-point of the base will be an atomically accurate instrument powered by the sun and emitting a light pulse to the surface. A heartbeat every minute.

Clearly visible from the M1 motorway, 8 miles south of Sheffield, the Solar Pyramid forms the centrepiece of the new Poolsbrook Country Park, 4 miles from Junction 30 and adjacent to proposed Junction 29a.

Sited on a man-made hill overlooking a lake, the structure will be a striking and dominant feature in the landscape, glittering by day and glowing luminescent by night. The Solar Pyramid will become a powerful symbol and stimulus of the cultural, scientific and economic renaissance of the UK’s coal and steel heartland.

The Solar Pyramid Project has now closed down. click here to read our news item.

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