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Bull Ring Henge

Bull Ring Henge

Bull Ring Henge lies at the crest of a relatively flat area of the limestone plateau. The earthwork is one of the best examples of an upstanding henge in northern Britain. Bull Ring Henge is similar to Arbor Low as it consists of a bank with an internal quarry ditch broken by two entrances, all of comparable dimensions. However, no internal stone settings survive today at the Bull Ring.

The Bull Ring, is a large henge situated just north of Buxton in a village called Dove Holes near to the Peak District. To get to the site, journey north out of Buxton on the A6 towards Manchester. The A6 road runs through the middle of Dove Holes on the right near the southern end of the village is a track that leads to a childrens playground, take that and park at the end. The henge is on the other side of a playing field, with a track leading to it, map reference SK 07847823. It is surrounded by a quarry, a cemetary, the backs of the houses on the A6 and the playing field.

Bull Ring Henge has a number of features; entrances to the north and south, and a small platform dug into the inner face of the bank to the NW. Quarrying started churning up the ditch and bank to the NE in the 1800s, but was stopped before any more harm was done. The bank is on average a metre high, and although it is now about 10 metres wide is was originally narrower, and has sagged over the years. The ditch is also about a metre deep, and the enclosed area is a sizeable 53 by 46 metres across. A report from 1789 records a single standing stone in the henge (leaving it looking like the Mayburgh Henge in the Lake District, but today even that has gone). The site was once cultivated with a stone wall running across its centre, if that wall had used the stones in its construction, and if the stones were fitted as shallowly into the soil as those at Arbor Low, there is no reason we shouldn't be able to detect their traces today.

As at Arbor Low a short distance away from the circle is a large burial mound. In this case the shape of the mound is unclear as it has been ploughed on three sides. There are no records of this barrow being excavated.

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